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Diamond S Puppies
Suzie Wheeler
1745 NE Hwy B
Osceola, MO  64776
PHONE: 417-646-5570
CELL:    417-328-9387

Puppy Sales: 417-326-9662

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Australian Shepherd puppies,         English Bulldog puppies

Our five WONDERFUL Children- Colton, Cotton, Cody, Cheyanne and our newest addition Carleigh Roxanne
My wonderful husband "Byron" and myself "Suzie"

Welcome to our wonderful family of AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS and  ENGLISH BULLDOGS make sure you view the different scrapbook's and guestbook to view and read about previous puppies.....

Imbedded in the heart of the Ozarks just a few miles from Truman Lake, Osceola, Missouri. This is where the water runs clear and the trees range in color from brilliant green in the spring to gold & crimson in the fall. Our family takes pride in our animals, be it our Australian Shepherds and English Bulldogs or the calves we raise or our horses we love to take the children on and ride through the gorgeous countryside. We have five wonderful children who give the puppies and adults plenty of exercise exploring in the pasture or playing in the front yard. We spend a lot of time with our puppies so they are well socialized when going to new homes, plus there is nothing better than holding & cuddling a little animal. Being a breeder of Standard Australian Shepherds and the English Bulldogs is a huge responsibility, one that we at Diamond S Puppies takes to heart. Finding the perfect families to go with our perfect little Australian Shepherd puppies and English Bulldog puppies is also a huge responsibility of the breeders, along with a huge responsibility of the families. The thing we love most about raising puppies is bringing years of happiness and joy to many families lives, we thank "God" for every day he gives us this opportunity.

We here at Diamond S Puppies strive to raise our puppies as close to AKC standards as possible. We raise loving puppies for loving homes. We do not charge “Show Quality” pricing, although some of our puppies have been purchased for show prospects, and we have many in agility and obedience classes, taking first. We do not guarantee show quality, but we do guarantee SOUND, HEALTHY, HAPPY, and WELL SOCIALIZED puppies for loving homes. We breed for great temperaments, health and conformation, we believe every puppy we place will provide years of loyal companionship to their new families.

Here at Diamond S Puppies- we do have one fault- besides loving the beautiful aussies, we also love having the awesome bullies, their personalities and dispositions are out of this world.  We are so lucky to get to enjoy these two wonderful breeds and hope we can share our happiness with you.   We want the families to have a choice and make sure they research and find the perfect new family member for their home and fit their lifestyle.  I was raised being loved by an AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS and I could not imagine my childhood without an aussie to love....  We are specializing in the Standard Australian Shepherds along with the ENGLISH BULLDOGS.  Through all of my years of being around these breeds, you will not find a better family companion than the one's I offer.  This is why we may only have a few litters of each breed a year, as we have studied and purchased the best parents of your puppies we could find. The different breeds I have may be read about and also pictures for your viewing on each breed page. We recommend you research any breed you may be interested in and make sure this will fit perfectly in your family.


1.  What medical policy do you have to insure me a healthy puppy? DIAMOND S ANSWER: Our puppies receive an extensive shot and worming schedule developed by our veterinarian....We are building the puppies immunity for you, not relying on you to solely do it. Please view our medical policy page

2.   What are the temperaments of the parents?  DIAMOND S ANSWER: We breed for disposition and temperaments, as we are raising our babies to bring years of happiness into families lives (like our own family)

3.    Are your puppies Socialized?  DIAMOND S ANSWER:  Yes, as our five children and myself absolutely adore our puppies and animals, they are a gift from God and we are privileged to be able to raise them with love for you.

4.    Can you offer me references with your veterinarian, families whom have adopted puppies from you, a banker if needed?  DIAMOND S ANSWER:  YES, to all the above, we offer families whom have adopted from us, our veterinarian, even business's we do business with, so you feel completely comfortable when adopting a puppy from us and our banking references.  You may view our Guestbook and read what the families have to say about DIAMOND S PUPPIES, also you may view previous puppies on our various scrapbooks, as they keep growing.....

5.     What are your Guarantee's?  DIAMOND S ANSWER:  We Guarantee our babies to be exactly the way we represent them to you, I guarantee you if the puppy is not exactly the way I tell you, I will pay all expenses back to my home, this is how confident I am in my puppies and myself.  Again we raise puppies with your interest and the puppies interest  first, not my own.  I truly love bringing smiles and happiness into families lives and I can do this through my puppies......  Plus we guarantee our babies for 1 year against any life threatening congenital defects and a period of ten days for communicable diseases.   I was raised, you treat people the way you would want to be treated and I instill this in my own children.  If you say you are going to do something, then you do it!!! You are only as good as your word, my grandfather use to say.

6.     Was the puppy raised in your home?  DIAMOND S ANSWER: Yes, our babies are raised with our family  WARNING: The reason I am putting a warning sign here, is because there are many many breeders importing young puppies as early as 3 1/2 weeks of age from foreign countries, just to make money, these puppies are not old enough to be transported, let alone be taken from their mother at this age.  So please BEWARE OF THE IMPORTED PUPPIES, there are many reasons not to purchase an imported puppy: sickness, no vaccinations given properly, do not know history of parents health or dispositions, breeders are not standing behind the puppies, etc.  I know this as I have had several families whom have lost puppies due to not knowing this information and I feel very sorry for them and also for the puppies.  So PLEASE, PLEASE ask as many questions as it takes to feel comfortable and do not be taken...

7.    What do you breed for when you breed?  DIAMOND S ANSWER: We breed for AKC Standards, we feel if you are purchasing a puppy then this is what you should get when the puppy becomes an adult, we breed for DISPOSITIONS, as this is very important when you are adding a puppy  whom becomes an adult dog into your family, we also breed for HEALTH, this is very important and EXCELLENCE IN CONFORMATION..... 

Whether you adopt a puppy from us or another please make sure you ask all of the above questions.......
Please enjoy our site and we wish you the very best in bringing a new happy loving puppy into your family


All of our puppies come with a 1-year health guarantee which covers life threatening congenital defects. They will also come with a certificate of health from my veterinarian. All of my puppies and adults are on a very strict medical policy including shots, wormings, vitamins and great high protein food, you may view this on my health page.


All of our puppies can be shipped by air in the continental USA, weather permitting. The cost of shipping is not included in the price of the puppy. Arrangements for pickup of the puppy or flying arrangements must be made by the time the puppy reaches 7 weeks of age. Diamond S Puppies does not mind to hold puppies for their families.

Price of the puppy includes, Registration, microchip, veterinarian check and health certificate and a wonderful puppy packet full of information.  If you decide to pick the puppy up then there will be no additional charges for transportation and shipping.


Sending Deposits: ½ down is required to hold your puppy. Deposits are non- refundable.

Diamond S Puppies accepts all major credit cards to either pay your deposit or full amount of your puppy with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express. There is a $20.00 convenience fee on the acceptance of all credit cards. I will also accept a personal check or money order VIA United States Mail Service…. In order to do this I will give you 3 days from that day in which you pick your puppy out to receive payment.

*Note* – Using priority mail will guarantee your payment will reach me in 3 business days. If I do not receive in 3 business days I can not guarantee to hold this puppy for you, please use priority mail when sending payments.

Thank you, Suzie

Suzie Wheeler
Osceola, Missouri

*Note* if final payment is made by check it must clear the bank before the puppy is picked up or shipped.

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